Coding style(source code format)
project Indent level(-iN) Put braces on line after if, etc.(-bl)
    if (condition)
Insert a space between the name of the procedure being called and the `('.(-pcs)
Put the function name in column zero.
static char *
function (type argment)
GNU Coding Standards 2 O O O
Gimp 2 O O O
fileutils 2 O O O
Octave 2 O O O
Electric Eyes 2 O X O
XPaint 4 X X O
Xfig 4 X X O
Gnuplot 4 X X X
XChat 8 O O O
GKrellM 8 O X O
Nautilus 8 X O O
Gnumeric 8 X O O
MagicPoint 8 X X O
Sylpheed 8 X X X
Linux kernel 8 X X X

*It may have made a mistake in this table, because I checked only one or two files in the project. It is not rare that the coding style is different in the same project, same file. A lot of pepople are contributing, and they have each policy.

*GNOME Programming Guidelines:
For core GNOME code we prefer the Linux kernel indentation style. Use 8-space tabs for indentation.

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